February 2020 Event Guide: House, Techno, Electro, Acid, Leftfield

(Credit: Nick Mizen Photography)

At 9,231,009 days, January is the longest month on the calendar. Now that it is FINALLY out of the way, check out what is in store for ravers throughout February as The Waveform Transmitter‘s Ste Knight tells you what tickets to spend your money on.

Well, January was loooooooooooooooong, wasn’t it?! Long, and impoverished, and glum. Well, for the most part, when we weren’t grinning like the proverbial Cheshire Cat while ferocious beats rained down upon our eardrums from our favourite DJs and producers.

Obviously it is now February, which is the shortest month, and there’s absolutely shitloads of fun to be had for the next few weeks until we welcome Spring and March’s rake of parties. So, without further ado, lets see what is in store…

Melt Your Face, Best Before, Liverpool, Friday February 21st

Yes, it is our third birthday and, yes, we are celebrating it by bringing you some of the best underground talent that exists in this dimension. We’ve got Fear-E from Dixon Avenue Basement Jams on headline duty, following on from his scintillating Waveform gig at Oosterbar in Amsterdam.

We’ll also have support from: I ♥ Acid‘s Mark Forshaw who never fails to deliver an outstanding set; Cy Humphreys, who we selected as one of our standout DJs at One Tribe Festival a couple of years back; Santo Live, who will be beinding minds as well as notes; and The Machine (who you may recognise…)

The event takes place in Best Before which is just behind Constellations. Come melt with us…

What: Melt Your Face
Where: Best Before
Who: Fear-E, Mark Forshaw, Cy Humphreys, Santo (Live), The Machine
When: 21/02/2020, 10 pm – 4 am
How: NUS £5, Advance Tickets £8, Group Discount £24, GET TICKETS HERE!

Chemtrail Party Mix, Zanzibar, Liverpool, Saturday February 8th

The Chemtrail posse are back with a glut of high-end conspiratorial donk to blow your head off. They’ve been at it for two years now, making this their second birthday and they’ve got the line-up to prove it.

They’ve got Cyriak leading the charge and making his debut with an AV set that is certain to excite if his previous material is anything to go by – he’s done the biz for Fly-Lo and Bonobo, among others.

Joining him will be DJ Gurl Power, Bongo and Furness Present, Monad, Gocman, DJ Professor Climate Change, DJ Sanny Rags in the Bin Please, DJ Shitstomper, Bad Eror Lad, and Simon Jones Chillout Donk Experience.

The party starts at 22:00 and finishes at 05:00 at The Zanzibar. Get involved!

What: Chemtrail Party Mix
Where: Zanzibar
Who: Cyriak, DJ Gurl Power, Bongo and Furness Present, Monad, Gocman, DJ Professor Climate Change, DJ Sanny Rags in the Bin Please, DJ Shitstomper, Bad Eror Lad, and Simon Jones Chillout Donk Experience
When: 08/02/2020, 10 pm – 5 am

Fuck the Tories Street Rave Protest #2, Liverpool, Saturday February 8th

If you’re hatin’ on the Tory government, then show you’ve got the salts to stand up to their bullshit and head down to the second instalment of Fuck the Tories Secret Rave.

The last one, held on Church Street in Liverpool, garnered widespread attention and plenty of support, so lets be all Scouse about this and tell the bastards where to shove their appalling policies with a good hard stomp.

This would also make a nice politically charged pre-cursor to the Chemtrail Party Mix shenans detailed above. Fucking lick it, Boris.

What: Fuck the Tories Street Rave Protest #2
Where: Church Street, Liverpool
Who: Who knows – expect breakbeats and basslines…
When: 08/02/2020, 2 pm onwards
How: Just turn up and pull your best “fuck Boris” face

On the KUSP x 909 Present: SNTS, Kitchen Street, Liverpool, Friday February 7th

Image may contain: outdoor

This Friday February 7th sees On the KUSP (the promotion arm of the popular local KUSP boys) teaming up with 909 to bring the enigmatic SNTS to 24 Kitchen Street.

The live artist will have his impressive array of hardware in tow as he prepares to deliver one of his iconic pulverising techno performances to the city.

Support for the masked mystery comes from KUSP [We Are The Brave/Octopus Recordings], AEIT [Grounded], Ash, and Barry Walsh. Both the KUSP and 909 events deliver consistently on atmosphere and music – we don’t expect this to be any different in either respect.

What: On the KUSP x 909 Present – SNTS
Where: 24 Kitchen Street, Liverpool
Who: SNTS, KUSP, AEIT, Ash, and Barry Walsh
When: 07/02/2020, 10 pm – 4 am
How: Get your tickets here.

I Love Acid, Gorilla, Manchester, Friday February 7th

We were at the Liverpool installment of I Love Acid just over a week ago and we suggest that, if you’re in Manchester on Friday, you get your booty down to Gorilla to see what the hype is about.

The brand has just won DJ Magazine‘s Best Club Event in their Best of British Awards. That is some accolade, but totally well deserved as they genuinely offer you 303 ways to lose your mind.

LeftfieldAltern 8, and Boxia will be delivering the goods with headline spots, while Posthuman and Jon Dasilva will be going back-to-back for one of their inimitable acid play-offs.

What: I Love Acid
Where: Gorilla, Manchester
Who: Leftfield, Altern 8, Boxia, Posthuman, Josh Dasilva
When: 07/02/2020, 11 pm – 4 am
How: Get your tickets here.

Watt Hz? w. DVS1IWF SubstationLiverpool, Friday February 28th

Liverpool’s Watt Hz? is growing in popularity at a seemingly exponential rate, and not only because they’ve been repeatedly bringing the party since they started life back in the Kazimier‘s Rat Alley back in 2017. They’re an amazing crew who are held in high esteem here at Waveform.

February 28th sees them bringing DVS1 to the Invisible Wind Factory‘s fantastic Substation space. Delivering his own brand of high-octane techno, he is joined by Klockworks label-mate Stef Mendesidis with Halcyon‘s FJNocturne in support.

After the ridiculous scenes at their Hector Oaks event at the end of January, we expect this one to go off like a Tesla coil.

What: Watt Hz?
Where: IWF Substation, Liverpool
Who: DVS1, Stef Mendesidis, FJNocturne
When: 28/02/2020, 10 pm – 4 am
How: Get your tickets here.

Voodoo presents The Advent, 24 Kitchen Street, Liverpool, Saturday February 15th

One of Liverpool’s most revered club brands, Voodoo, has seen a resurgence of late, having had its fires stoked by its most welcome relaunch with DJ Bone in November.

The second event in their return series brings The Advent to 24 Kitchen Street – expect a divine mixture of house, electro and techno, all delivered with expert precision in an atmosphere that really can’t be mimicked – there is only one Voodoo.

Resident Steve Shiels and London DJ J Tijn will be on warm-up, but don’t be expecting them to pull any punches, either. This is a guaranteed big night that you don’t want to miss out on.

What: Voodoo presents The Advent
Where: 24 Kitchen Street, Liverpool
Who: The Advent, Steve Sheils, J Tijn
When: 15/02/2020, 10 pm – 4 am
How: Get your tickets here.

Super Hexagon with Pessimist, Lårry & FFT, Werkhaus, London, Saturday February 22nd

Event team Super Hexagon team up with Brick Lane venue Werkhaus, bringing together a fine selection of artists for their February 22nd party.

Bristolian DJ and producer, Pessimist will be delivering – live – his scintillating infusion of electronic styles which blend into something that is truly his own. He will be supported by Lårry and FFT, who will also both be in a live capacity.

J. Wiltshire and ASG will both be raising the temperature at Werkhaus from the start.

What: Super Hexagon with Pessimist, Lårry & FFT
Where: Werkhaus, London
Who: Pessimist, Lårry, FFT, J Wiltshire, ASG
When: 22/02/2020, 10 pm – 6 am
How: Get your tickets here.

The Detour presents Vladimir Ivkovic, Best Before, Liverpool, Saturday February 22nd

Dusseldorf-based Serbian artist, Vladimir Ivkovic brings his wealth of musical knowledge to Best Before on February 22nd, undoubtedly ready to deliver one of his exemplary leftfield performances in which nothing is off limits and everything is explored.

He’ll be backed up by testpressing.org‘s Apiento AKA Paul Byrne will be on hand too, with a set that – if his recent NTS stint is anything to go by – will contain techno through afro disco and house, all with a healthy dose of ambient to sit alongside.

This is The Detour‘s inaugural event, so head down there and show your support for what promises to be a hypnotic experience and totally, refreshingly, different from what Liverpool normally hears.

What: The Detour presents Vladimir Ivkovic
Where: Best Before, Liverpool
Who: Vladimir Ivkovic, Apiento
When: 22/02/2020, 10 pm – 4 am
How: Get your tickets here.

Author: Ste Knight

Editor at The Waveform Transmitter. Lover of acid basslines, cavernous kick drums, and dark rooms. Cut his teeth to Surgeon's blistering techno assault at T-Funkshun in Liverpool and hasn't stopped for breath since.

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