Music: Sound Sonar – Our guide to This Week’s Best Releases

The Waveform Transmitter’s Ste Knight delivers another bounty from Monday 13th onwards, featuring NKN Nightshift, Fear-E and London Modular.

With Blue Monday just passed, and January now practically halfway through, some of us are certainly feeling like we need an earful of soul food to give us the nourishment we desire. And what better than some sweet sweet aural ambrosia to soothe our aching hearts? Not much.

The first couple of weeks of January are always a bit thin on the ground in terms of releases. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t some absolute gold to be dug up if you prospect a little for it. This week has come up trumps, and not the wispy-haired tangerine variety, either…

We’ve got NKN Nightshift‘s lovely techno racket over on Obscuur RecordsFear-E (our Melt Your Face headliner) with a remix of a 90s bomb, and London Modular with some delightful electro under the Electrix umbrella. Check them out below, and don’t forget to support the artists where you can.

NKN Nightshift – Parallel Vision EP (Obscuur Records)

NKN Nightshift heads to Utrecht label, Obscuur Records, delivering five nitroglycerine tracks that are explosively acidic in nature. The package opens with the atomic Reactor, which exhilarates thanks to the relentlessly undulating 303 that rises in intensity as the track progresses.

Camera Obscura takes on a more sci-fi dystopia vibe, with other-worldly tribal wails drifting through the insistent percussion and cosmic pads. Test Case continues the post-apocalyptic theme, albeit with a more menacing undertone.

The title track is full-on warehouse fodder. Parallel Vision comes loaded with energy, unremitting percs slamming into the cochlea while a belligerent synth wrenches at the central nervous system violently. Check out that drop just under 2-and-a-half minutes in.

The EP closes out with Birthday Cake. NKN Nightshift drags us into a nightmarish alternate reality in which we are attempting to evade death’s grasp, rather than hurtle toward it in a 79-year blink-of-an-eye. The acid line dominates the mix, while a Cenobite’s menacing jaw-snap sits just on the periphery of your earshot.

You can grab the EP, here, and you can name your price. Do the right thing and buy NKN Nightshift a coffee for his fantastic work.

London Modular – We are the Mod! (Electrix)

You’ll probably recognise the moniker associated with the latest release on Billy Nasty‘s Electrix imprint, marking the start of the label’s 20th anniversary year.

London Modular Alliance, who appear here in the contracted form of London Modular, step up to the plate with an EP comprising three original productions and a remix courtesy of Assembler Code.

We get things underway with Concerning Irregular Figures; a production which opens with stuttering electronic chirrups, before a macrocosmic kick and crackling snare herald the arrival of a heaving, globular bassline.

Exit Strategy takes up the gauntlet where the opening track leaves off. A heavy hit of warping electro is administered at lethal doses, with the modular funk of this particular alliance standing at the forefront.

The third original track, Glove Box, is equal parts electro and equal parts dub. This is a cavernous track which retains the funky nature of its predecessor; a quality that makes this whole EP a coherent collection.

We have Australia’s Assembler Code closing us out, with a jacked up version of Glove Box. His Assembler Code Rewind Remix overclocks the original, delivering an irrepressibly dance-able rendition to fry every motherboard on the ‘floor.

London Modular‘s We are the Mod! is available to buy now. You can do so, here. 

Bizarre Inc. – Plutonic (Fear-E’s Sorted For E’s, Not Got Any Whizz Edit)

Glasgow producer and DJ, Fear-E, delivers a stimulating rework of Plutonic; first released in 1992 on the Bizarre Inc. long player, Energique. While the original sat firmly within the breakbeat sphere, Fear-E calls upon his house and techno sensibilities to deliver an edit that shifts the feel of the track closer to The Hypnotist‘s The House is Mine in structure and sheer dynamism.

Fear-E has been quite the hot topic around Waveform HQ. This remix certainly expounds the talents of a producer who is fast becoming a firm favourite for us; a notion bolstered by his performance at our December Oosterbar party in Amsterdam. As dexterous behind the wheels as he is in the studio.

Scot hinted that he is looking forward to playing this little belter out…and we just so happen to be bringing him to headline our 3rd birthday and the launch of our new Melt Your Face event series. He’ll be playing for us at Best Before on February 24th. Grab your tickets on our event page, here – you have it on good authority that Fear-E is going to deliver some serious goods.

Author: Ste Knight

Editor at The Waveform Transmitter. Lover of acid basslines, cavernous kick drums, and dark rooms. Cut his teeth to Surgeon's blistering techno assault at T-Funkshun in Liverpool and hasn't stopped for breath since.

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