Event: The Waveform Transmitter with Fear-E and Gigi FM // Oosterbar // Amsterdam

Saturday, November 30th sees us hopping across the North Sea with a host of major talent from across Europe, descending upon Amsterdam’s Oosterbar for the ultimate in party-season warm-ups.  The Waveform Transmitter‘s Ste Knight has the details…


Had you told us two 3/4 years ago that the end of 2019 would see us jetting off to Amsterdam for our first international party, we would have scoffed uncomfortably close to your face. Perhaps a little spittle would have landed on your lip.

You would have been right, however, as November 30th sees us hitting the decks at Oosterbar, one of Amsterdam’s hottest up-and-coming nightspots, and we will be dragging a bunch of amazing international artists along just for your entertainment.

Oosterbar is located below the Generator hostel, famous because the building once housed the city’s University of Zoology. Oosterbar sits in the building’s basement, and under the watchful eye of club programmer, Gyséle de Saint-Obin,  it has seen some genuinely forward thinking events, external promoters, and DJs/producers hitting the venue.

November 30th is our turn, however, as we descend upon the club with our band of merry DJs/producers. Here’s what is in store…


If you have been following Dixon Avenue Basement Jams’ output, then you will know of Fear-E‘s ludicrously outstanding productions. Taking on acid, techno, and the grizzly side of house music, Scott McKay knows how to throw down a high octane track or two. The same can be said for his DJ sets, which are energetic affairs that blend together a diverse range of sounds.  Fear-E headlines our party. With a slew of top notch releases on the aforementioned DABJ, as well as Super Rhythm Trax, it was a no-brainer enlisting his service to top our bill. Reportedly, Scott has been working on some new music too, which he’s going to be previewing at our event…Check out his Waveform mix, below.

Gigi FM

A firm favourite here at The Waveform Transmitter, the intergalactic mermaid GiGi FM will be gracing the decks with a set that will undoubtedly span a range of genres. Her mix was this writer’s particular favourite of 2018, when she appeared on our pages as part of our Making Waves series. Her set here in Liverpool blew the lid off 24 Kitchen Street, and we can’t wait to see what she has up her sleeves for us in Amsterdam. Check her Making Waves mix, below.

Ben Sleia

Quite rightly, French DJ Ben Sleia has been getting plenty of attention of late. Not only is her knowledge of music – in particular obscure underground artists – of a standard vastly beyond her years, but her track selection – in sets that have seen her support the likes of Dillinja, alongside running her Bruits radio show on Melodic Distraction – ensures incendiary effects are quite the norm when she commands the decks.


One-man music-machine Santo will be opening proceedings for us with his blend of electronic explorations. Playing fully live, Santo‘s music promises to bring a sound that flirts with a wide range of techno variations, from stright -up Detroit bangers to more atmospheric 90s UK affairs. Definitely a name you want to be keeping your eye on – we sense an Intec signing could be on the horizon…


Whether she is shaking foundations with a banging hardcore set or spilling nostalgia all over your t-shirt with one of her riotous rave rinse-outs, Gysèle is and accomplished DJ and party starter all rolled into one. As resident in Oosterbar and an integral part of Amsterdam’s Lang Zal Je Raven collective, her knowledge of the scene is unparalleled and we can’t wait to see her dropping 3 megaton bombs at our party.

The Machine

I don’t purport to be a DJ in any sense and to be frank I’m shitting myself about playing, but that I am, as it gave me a target at which to aim with my mixing education. So, I’m going to be clattering tracks together clumsily for your enjoyment – the only saving grace being that Gysèle is going B2B with me so at least it’ll be 50% decent! Closing out the party for the spartan ravers. Expect everything.


Author: Ste Knight

Editor at The Waveform Transmitter. Lover of acid basslines, cavernous kick drums, and dark rooms. Cut his teeth to Surgeon's blistering techno assault at T-Funkshun in Liverpool and hasn't stopped for breath since.

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