Waveform 056: Osc Kins

This week, our mix series is bolstered by the presence of Osc Kins; Shubzin radio host and all-round mega DJ. If you like your mixed bags, you’ll love this, as The Waveform Transmitter‘s Ste Knight presents a session that contains (almost) everything.

We love the way great music always leads you to more great music, and we happened upon Osc Kins via an album we reviewed not so long ago. Discovering Osc‘s Shubzin radio show, which features on Swansea’s epicentre of cool – Vandelay Radio – was an experience similar to the delight of being seven-years-old and discovering that your Breakaway biscuit is solid chocolate without the digestive biscuit. An unparalleled excitement that happens only very rarely.

Listening to Shubzin, we were impressed not only by the quality of guest that Osc invites to feature on his show, but also by the quality of his own mixes – both in terms of track selection and technical ability. Shubzin is a show that genuinely caters for underground tastes, so you can expect to hear plenty of material you may not have heard before.

On top of this, Osc splits responsibility for the show between his guest and himself, both of them popping off an exciting hour each per show, so you get insights into the tastes of two individuals rather than just the one.

You don’t need to stray far from this exact page in order to find out what Osc Kins can come up with, because he has been kind enough to record us a killer mix that is loaded with underground vibes. Play it at the top, and take a look below at what Mr Kins has to say for himself below our message…

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Hi Osc! Thanks for taking time out to join us. OK, we’ll start with the bread and butter. Tell our readers a little about yourself.

Hi Steve! I’m Oscar. I’m 25 from North London and I’ve been DJing nearly a year and a half now! Still a newbie, but always been a music lover.

You have a show, Shubzin, on Vandelay radio. What is the name all about? Is there any reason behind it.

So for those that don’t know, a ‘Shubz’ is London slang for a house party (or was 10 years ago). Shubzin is a guest show where I host underground talent for one hour and then mix myself for the other. I’ve hosted 52 shows now which I cant quite believe, and in doing so the people (and music) I’ve been exposed too has been invaluable, very humbled.

How did you wind up with a show on Vandelay?

I sent them I mix I did on Virtual DJ. They welcomed me with open arms. That’s when i thought ‘oh god I need some decks’.

Have you got any favourite shows that stick out in terms of mixes?

Lots of favourites, going b2b with Itoa was so much fun, No46 with Assembler Code was awesome, but its probably gotta be one of the darkest, heaviest shows; no49 with NRVVS. Brutal, hi-tempo show, sometimes I had no clue what the bpm/genre even was! Memphis-based, his productions and record label Ten Trax are deffo pushing the boundaries and I love it.

You play with a mixture of vinyl and digital, right? Talk us through how you learned the art of DJing.

I scraped together £200 I brought myself a pair of Numark NDX500s. Then I got a pair of Gemini turntables for £60, which I upgraded later after a friend lent me a direct drive Numark TT.

I still have the same CDJs and I recorded a lot of this mix on them. I’m kinda used to it now and, boy, they keep me on my toes! It helped me when playing gigs as stepping up on shiny 2000s just felt like a dream, bpms!? I like playing records but its hard to afford new records for the amount of radio I do, so I tend to play more digital.

How would you describe your style when you play out? You have a very diverse repertoire!

For podcasts etc, I’ll plan a tracklist, usually cos my CDJs can only have so many songs on before they’re rendered useless. But in the club I like to just bring pretty much everything and just go for it. I always like start slow end fast.. very fast. I like a lot of genres and really like to create something that is a total mixed bag, however I am and always will be infatuated by electro.

You produce too. Can you tell us anything about forthcoming releases?

Yeah, I’m still very new to producing, I only really do it for fun with my boy Speedy Gonzales AKA Adreim Atup. However, we’ve had a great reaction, we’ve been meeting up whenever we can for the last 6 months and now we’ve got a tune forthcoming on Childsplay as well as another release I can’t talk about quite yet! Exciting times!

We normally bother our guests by asking them to give us their top three dancefloor bombs…off you go!

Ooooft hard one! Not going to order but here’s three I love and play out often:

Casus Belli 01 Mem Pamal; a record Speedy Gonzales brought me in Amsterdam and it is phenomenal.

My fave Jensen Interceptor track, Bubble Boy on the Hydro Systems EP (which is all amazing) out on E-beamz.

Then finally, Ciara – Get Up, I love dropping in R&B classics and then blending in something brutal. Pretty much like my productions at the moment.

Cheers Osc for chatting with us! Good luck with Shubzin and with your future releases!

Thanks so much for having me on, I love the platform. Keep up the good work!!

Author: Ste Knight

Editor at The Waveform Transmitter. Lover of acid basslines, cavernous kick drums, and dark rooms. Cut his teeth to Surgeon's blistering techno assault at T-Funkshun in Liverpool and hasn't stopped for breath since.

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