Secret Weapons 031: Monya

Ahead of her upcoming Straight Ahead long-player, Corresponding Positions label head Monya shows us around her Berlin bunker and what her selection of Secret Weapons entails. The Waveform Transmitter‘s Ste Knight presents.

You should know, by now, that this writer loves his techno with a bit of bite. So it should come as no surprise that when the opportunity to see what Monya stashes away in her battery, we jumped at the chance. The Corresponding Positions head honcho releases her Straight Ahead album via the HANDS imprint on September 4th and for fans of the industrial sound, this is going to be a real treat, as Monya schools us in how we should be defining the word ‘brutal’.

The album is insistent from the off. The opening track is a call to arms – Listen is not an instruction by title alone, as we a drawn in by a distant, screeching synth, crying out over the top of a foreboding pad drone. Not listening would be foolish. This takes us into a broken beat, accompanied by echoing utterances and a heavily treated bass growl. Proceedings have started well…

The call to arms is justified. Widerstand ist Pflicht is up next, the title of which translates as Resistance is Mandatory. We are Monya‘s foot-soldiers in a post-apocalyptic industrial technopolis, and we march to the beat of a cavernous kick drum, as towering mountains of static are drawn up from terra forma around us and anarchy is spread far and wide.

It seems apparent that Monya has a message for her listeners, as the next track, Nachdenken instructs us further. We are bid to Think, and with this we can see how the producer intends the album to take a look at the world around us, both immediate and further afield, and apply the resistance encouraged in the track prior. Thundering percussion is joined by a pervasive sine wave and canyon-esque sub-bass.

Further direction is given as Straight Ahead ushers us ever onward.  This is a driving, dance-floor ready workout which rides along a solid 4/4 – pulverising bottom end ruling the roost. Not for long though, as we are segued into the hypnotic whirlwind that is Schachmatt (Checkmate). We are dancing pawns in Monya‘s plan, sent forward under the crack of the whip-like snare, accompanied by a panning alarm sound and bulging synth to herald arrival.

Benjamin discombobulates the listener at the mid point, with heavily treated samples rattling around the soundscape violently, before we are implored to Listen once again, only this time with S.K.E.T as the sonic slavedrivers. The original is splintered into a thousand shards, which are then re-imagined as something far more petrifying by the German noise terrorists.

The punk ethic continues with Gegen die Wand (Against The Wall) which features HUREN. This production is reminiscent of a Whitehouse track which this writer first heard on Surgeon‘s This is for You ShitsDumping the Fucking Rubbish. Energetic, EBM-esque power electronics with a bad attitude. The vocal hails “Blink and you’ll miss it” as we are pummeled relentlessly by the track, which plays out with a good twenty seconds of electronic malfunction.

Excursion with Sergej slows things down a bit. Cracks in the hologram begin to show, as synthetic glitches rain down from the sky, wailing as they fall, and the mainframe crackles in the air around us, punctuated by a pervading kick. Search of a Compromise picks the pace back up, with radar synth stabs piercing through the percussive elements to provide a stark contrast to the rumbling lows.

We end our journey with Monya on Outro. A cacophony of saw-teeth grind against each other for the parting shot, accompanied by unyielding drum work and the occasional, tribal ‘whoop’ before we stop dead in our tracks as the chirping of computers sees us out to the final gritty moment.

This is an accomplished album from Monya, and we urge fans of the sound to engage. It is due for release on September 4th via HANDS. Pre-order it, here and then prepare yourself mentally for its arrival through your door.

In the meantime, you might want to take a look at her awesome Secret Weapons playlist, below. But first, a quick message…

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Peryl Dein Wahres Gesicht feat.Luca Gillian

…Because it is beautiful, and I love the vocals and the atmosphere.

Gladbeck City Bombing Ich Glaub an Dich (Schieres Remix)

Absolute weapon, every time!

Ethan Fawkes Revolution Never Came (Monya Remix)

I remixed Ethan and absolutely love this one.

DJ Rolando Jaguar

Old but gold.

Malaria! VS Chicks on Speed Kaltes, Klares, Wasser

This is because I chose Jaguar, and my memories came back. Always great.

Monya No Border No Nation (Umwelt Remix)

Umwelt’s remix taken from my last EP – special one.

Ancient Methods A German Love

That’s THE weapon! One of my favourites from Mr. Ancient Methods.

Schwefelgelb Fokus 

Aufnahme + Wiedergabe rock; so many weapons with this label.

WINTERKÄLTE Planet Earth First

This track is a dance floor killer for sure…WINTERKÄLTE!

Monya Rebelier

One of my tracks I see as really cool, very dirty and distorted.

Check out more of our artist-led Secret Weapons playlists, here. And don’t forget, we also have plenty of mixes to tickle your earbuds…

Author: Ste Knight

Editor at The Waveform Transmitter. Lover of acid basslines, cavernous kick drums, and dark rooms. Cut his teeth to Surgeon's blistering techno assault at T-Funkshun in Liverpool and hasn't stopped for breath since.

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