Secret Weapons 030: POLS

Number 30 in our Secret Weapons artist-led playlist series comes from Italian duo POLS, fresh from the release of their Arcanite EP. The Waveform Transmitter‘s Ste Knight takes a listen to what devastating bombs the pair have been stockpiling…

June 24th saw Italian pair, POLS – AKA Paulo Armellin and Francesco Da Re – dropping their Arcanite EP on Nihil Young‘s iconic Frequenza imprint. The release follows form, with the pair weighing in with two heavyweight techno tracks primed for the warehouse.

The title track comes in at just under 9-minutes; quite the journey in terms of length. The track features deep, stentorian drums that rumble across the bottom end of the mix. The rest of the percussive elements take on a similarly dark tone, punctuated by a spiritual-sounding vocal that gives the track a mystical quality. Ramon Tapia follows up with a high-energy workout on the remix, while retaining enough of the track’s original elements to remain faithful to POLS‘ sound.

Prismatic Circle on the flip is a groove-laden gem. An almost broken beat underpins the track before the kicks come baltering into the fray, giving the track plenty of depth. Pads create atmosphere throughout this production, with synth stabs punching through the other elements with aplomb. Label head Nihil Young takes charge of remix duties on this funky number, introducing a touch of the old pH-0 to give the sound a wonkier feel. High energy stuff!

We are lucky enough to have POLS deliver an arms inventory, as they join our Secret Weapons series with ten sticks of volatile dynamite. Take a look below at what their favoured dance-bombs sound like…

2Pole Destination (Original Mix)

This is a track that we play often in our sets, its a really powerful classy underground track and when we played it in Berlin it destroyed the dancefloor!

Pan-Pot Radio Berlin (Original Mix)

Is not an “Oldies Goldies” track, but for us its one of the best in recent years. Pan-Pot are our heroes, their sound and their releases are always perfect!

Plastikman Spastik (Dubfire Rework)

A CLASSIC. This track has no need for presentations, a real techno ever green, we love that!

Delano Smith Midnight Hours (Reconstructed by Carl Craig)

When we go more housey, this track never fails to rock our set! We love the Chicago House Music movement and this track is a real example of that classy sound.

POLS Krakatoa (Original Mix)

“When you go hard, you need power!” This is from our Eruption EP on the label Advanced (Withe) from Berlin. We think this is one of our best tracks we’ve made and now many DJs and producers have defined it as a “power track” 🙂

Underworld Born Slippy

Old is Gold. One of the mother tracks for techno lovers and it’s a massive banger for everyone! A little curiosity: this track inspired our ep The Underworld on Advance (Withe) label!

Stephan Bodzin Zulu (Original Mix)

Something good to close every set, if you love the hot sound of Moog, then you need to listen to this track!

POLS The Underworld (Lutzenkirchen Remix)

A super banging remix that we actually love more then our original mix… its from our EP The Underworld (released in 2018)

Motel Connection Two

True pioneers of electronic music in Italy, we love to mix that synth in almost every set.

Cassius Sound Of Violence

They changed our vision of electronic music, this track is a milestone of the electronic music world. Rest in Peace Philippe Zdar.

POLS Arcanite EP (Ft Ramon Tapia and Nihil Young Remixes) is out now on Frequenza Records. Get your copy, here…

Author: Ste Knight

Editor at The Waveform Transmitter. Lover of acid basslines, cavernous kick drums, and dark rooms. Cut his teeth to Surgeon's blistering techno assault at T-Funkshun in Liverpool and hasn't stopped for breath since.

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