Secret Weapons 029 – Joel Mull

Credit: David Terranova

As Joel Mull fires his Arrow of Time album into our ears, we take a look at what other weapons his arsenal contains. The Waveform Transmitter’s Ste Knight takes a listen to the long player and presents the 29th edition of our Secret Weapons playlist series.

For fans of minimal techno, the name Joel Mull should need very little in terms of an introduction. The Swedish producer has seen a total of four studio albums unleashed on the public, via labels a visionary as Harthouse and Truesoul. This recognition, along with EPs released on the likes of Cocoon and Mary Go Wild over the past two decades has seen the producer becoming a household name when it comes to the techno sound.

His latest album (which is his fourth in total) comes eight years post-Sensory; his previous long player that was released back in 2011. This heralds a welcome return to LP territory for Joel, who dropped his new album on Swedish imprint Parabel, and so joins artists like Nima Khak and Petter B. The album is an eleven-track journey through Mull‘s interpretation of the concept of space and time, all told via the techno sound.

Speaking of the album, Joel says: “We all have moments when we think about time, I do, especially when I travel. There is a certain loose feeling when I write music and sketch on ideas while I’m in a moving object that is blasting throughout space, such as a plane or a train. These moments are more intense for me than, for example, when I’m working on ideas in the studio. The studio is amazing but it can also be too structured. When I look out of a window and have a moving canvas in front, it directly adds emotion and easily inspires me.

‘Arrow Of Time’ is the inspiration to this album’s title. It is both the time capsule that we all travel in and the journey that you do every time you listen to music. Most of the ideas behind the tracks have then been recorded in my home studio adding a few instruments to the mix such as the Roland sh101, Lyra 8 the Roland tr8 and through the Elektron Analog Heat to get it to glow a bit more. Then processing it on my laptop with plugins from UAD, Softube, Soundtoys and with my favorite software – Ableton.

The album could not sound complete and get released to the outside world without the help of my favorite mastering engineer Walter Coelho.”

You can grab yourself, or stream, a copy of Joel Mull Arrow of Time, here. In the meantime, lets see what Joel has reveal as he draws back the curtain on 20 years of stockpiling his Secret Weapons.

Jesper Dahlbäck I Love Water

Jesper knows how to get the attention with this stripped-down party track.

Prince The Future (Melon Rework)

I got this edit some years back and its been on of those tracks I’ve had the pleasure of closing some of my longer sets with. 


Jimi Tenor Take Me Baby (Finnish Bass Boy Mix)

This one is part of my journey in the club scene. So many memories in my early days in the German Techno Scene.

TIGA vs Audion Let’s Go Dancing 

It just gets any floor going. Pure funky party jam and great message.


Petter B Suspension Lock

Mental uplifting techno track with its focus to make your head explode.


Patrick Siech Tribunal

Hypnotic dark fluffy floating with at destination to that distant planet in the outer rim.


Aphex Twin Tha

Life soundtrack.

Fabrizio Lapiana 1003B

Beautiful melancholic techno with a timeless energy.

Kraftwerk Metropolis

My first Electronic music memory.


Joel Mull Mnemonics

I made this track in one hour and its become a little favourite of mine. And its been a track I’ve played most from my own productions.


Author: Ste Knight

Editor at The Waveform Transmitter. Lover of acid basslines, cavernous kick drums, and dark rooms. Cut his teeth to Surgeon's blistering techno assault at T-Funkshun in Liverpool and hasn't stopped for breath since.

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