Event: BangFace Weekender 2019, Southport (Part One)

The legendary BangFace returns to Southport’s Pontins resort in March with their annual knees-up. The Waveform Transmitter’s Ste Knight takes a look at what is in store with the Messyside takeover in the first of our Bangface mini-series.

London’s neo-rave partyheads, BangFace, make their annual journey up the M6 to Southport’s Pontin‘s resort for their 11th Bangface Weekender, which will bring with it plenty of leftfield artists that straddle the harder side of the electronic sound. The event is spread over four days, kicking off with an opening party on Thursday 14th March, with the ‘festival proper’ taking place 15th-18th. If snare rushes, donks, and hard techno are your spiritual home, then pack three pairs of trainers because you’ll be burning some serious rubber as the hard crew deliver high-octane music for the discerning raver.

This year marks the first occasion on which a local coup has featured on the line-up. The Messyside Takeover will feature a busload of Liverpool’s best artists, spanning multiple electronic genres and showing just why the city’s underground scene is so vibrant. We’ll be treated to everything from aceeeeeeeed, techno, gabber, and all manner of in-between sounds. Expect it to be a heavy one as the Scouse/Scouse-by-proxy contingent arrive to burst heads. You can catch the Messyside Takeover from 3 pm on the Thursday, so March 14th.

We spoke to Jacques Malchance, one of the city’s most forward thinking DJs and UPITUP Records chief synth slag. He has kindly offered us a little insight into each artist who is playing at the Messyside Event, so take a gander down below to see who’s gonna be bleeping your grey matter out onto the wall behind you…don’t forget your brainscrapers!

Mark Forshaw


Local legend and incredibly prolific producer, with releases on I Love Acid, Berceuse Heroique, Mathematics and many more. Voodoo and T-Funskhun resident DJ, Mark is a pinnacle of the raw techno and acid sound in Merseyside. His latest release on ILA sold out in just a few hours.



Internationally renowned producer and co-founder of Fly-High Society (which includes artists such as Iglooghost, also playing BangFace). Versatile and very talented producer, whose back catalogue of original and remix work extends across genres of bass, rap, juke and jungle; with ongoing support from BBC Radio, NTS Radio and Rinse FM. He is due a new jungle EP on UpItUp Records end of Feb – perfect timing for BangFace!

Rich Furness


Responsible for bringing acts such as Venetian Snares, Bong-Ra and DJ Producer to Liverpool, Rich Furness is known for his highly-skilled fast paced genre-spanning mixes and for being a resident DJ at many different club nights. He is now the legendary DJ behind the best and most memorable Bongo’s Bingo nights.

Tony Loco


Rave hero and veteran, responsible for putting on amazing parties and bringing legendary acts to Liverpool before anyone even heard of them. He is the main man behind the No Excuses and That Thing nights, purveyor of all things rave, jungle, footwork and high-count BPM.

DJ Bastardcunt


Now celebrating his 15th year as Bastardcunt, the man really is an institution for all things gabba in Liverpool. A true purveyor of the sound, has supported the likes of Hellfish, DJ Producer, Deathmachine, DJ Skull Vomit, and DJ Scotch Egg



Been making waves in Merseyside as a very talented and upcoming producer and DJ. Her hardware live sets have gained her a reputation like no-other with an uncompromising take on hard techno, trance and Acid; has supported the likes of Luke Vibert, Perc & Truss and Dax J.

Simon Jones Chillout Donk Experience


There’s only one Simon Jones and he is the true pioneer of Chillout Donk. YouTube cats and meme mashups with a pinch of TV themes, his live-sets are banging just as much as they are fun! He is responsible for putting a donk on The Right Of Spring.

DJ Bad Eror Lad
https://www.facebook.com/chemtrailpartymix/ https://melodicdistraction.com/podcast/chemtrail-party-mix-january-18-2/

The secret alter-ego of a well known party-head and promoter, playing all  things Hardcore, Jungle and Gabba. Responsible for Chemtrails Party Mix.


One of the co-founders of Upitup Records, avid synth expert and collector, graphic designer and video-maker since 2002. Master of all things cacophonous and wonky, he has just released his first album in 10 years, Fegato, on http://www.upitup.com. His live-sets are known for being unique, improvised and location-specific.

Jacques Malchance


Jacques (and master) of all trades! Composer, DJ, Producer, Promoter, Radio Host and generally a local legend, he is the founding member of Upitup Records and Barberos. Responsible for starting the legendary Upitup nights in Liverpool and known for playing a vast array of different genres and doing unique organ and synth performances, he has supported a long list of amazing artists including Helena Hauff, DJ Stingray, Luke Vibert, Blawan, Otto Von Schirach and many more.

Author: Ste Knight

Editor at The Waveform Transmitter. Lover of acid basslines, cavernous kick drums, and dark rooms. Cut his teeth to Surgeon's blistering techno assault at T-Funkshun in Liverpool and hasn't stopped for breath since.

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