Mix: Sunday Service 005 – Warriors of the Dystotheque

Following up their previous breaks mix with a more chilled vibe, the mighty Warriors of the Dystotheque return to The Waveform Transmitter with their Sunday Service mix.

You should know the drill with our Sunday Service mix series by now. The concept behind them is to offer something for the post-clubbing experience, when perhaps you just want to sink into the sofa, light one up, and zone out a bit. Well, fortunately for you, our friends at Warriors of the Dystotheque know the script perfectly well, and they’ve dropped in with a brilliant contribution to the series.

For those who don’t know WotD (you really should, if you don’t already), then they are a collective of multidisciplinary, multi-national artists who (to our knowledge), have never actually recorded in the same room together. You might think that sounds a bit odd, but it also makes sense to record in such a way. It may well prolong the recording process, but it is certainly one way of avoiding studio spats with band members and, not only that, but it also allows each individual artist to consider their contribution to each track without the constraints of, say, expensive studio time. This allows for a more organic approach, which shows in their productions as they all flow as naturally as water.

Well worth checking out, WotD have a new EP in the sidelines, which is just waiting to be given the green light on October 12th. I Know You’ll Never Die is to be released via Reckless Records. Information on the record is limited at this time, but we do know that both Sascha Dive and Richard March of Bentley Rhythm Ace fame will be packing in for remix duties, which is definitely something to get excited about. However, if it is of the same standard as their previous then we can safely say that it’s gonna be a hot one, in much the same way as the dreamy Sunday Service mix we have here for you. Kicking off with some Richard D. James, the Warriors set the stall for a mix, which climaxes in a state of blissed-out euphoria as Sigur Ros close out the adventure. The experience is accompanied by a meditation on overthinking by leading British philosopher, Alan Watts. Tracklist below. Now spark a fat one and let Sunday take you into its nurturing, restful arms.

  1. Aphex TwinLichen
  2. Olafur ArnaldsNear Light
  3. Marconi UnionSleepless
  4. Marconi UnionWeightless
  5. Cinematic OrchestraAll That You Give
  6. Boards of Canada –  Everything You Do is a Balloon
  7. Massive AttackThe Spoils
  8. TrentemollerMiss You
  9. Martin RothAn Analog Guy in A Digital World
  10. NuagesDreams
  11. Aphex TwinStone in Focus
  12. Aphex TwinRhubarb
  13. Nils FrahmSays
  14. RadioheadDaydreaming
  15. Sigur RosSven g englar

Narrated by Alan Watts – Overthinking Will Kill Reality

Author: Ste Knight

Editor at The Waveform Transmitter. Lover of acid basslines, cavernous kick drums, and dark rooms. Cut his teeth to Surgeon's blistering techno assault at T-Funkshun in Liverpool and hasn't stopped for breath since.

5 thoughts on “Mix: Sunday Service 005 – Warriors of the Dystotheque”

  1. This is fantastic-especially the Alan Watts spoken word over the top. Is there any chance at all of a 320kbos D/L???
    Many thanks in advance…


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