Review: The Burrell Connection – Hyper/Orbit

Alex Hay’s The Burrell Connection drops his latest EP on seminal label, Craigie Knowes, today. The Waveform Transmitter’s Maximillian Carton takes a listen to a selection of rave-flecked productions.

In the north of the UK lies a city firmly planted in underground scene, Glasgow has always been a hotspot for raw talent. From Rubadub to Sub ClubSlam to Sulta– there’s something special about Scottish circuitry. Glaswegian based Alexander Hay aka The Burrell Connection’s latest EP encapsulates the rough & rugged terrain of the city whilst reaching out to higher frequencies. Exploring new textures whilst revisiting classic rave atmosphere, Hay’s newest release is testament to his love for all things galactic.

Dubbed as one of Crack Magazine’s ‘5 New Acts You Need To Know’Hay’s steady rise within the scene is backed up with a sterling four track EP on Glasgow imprint Craigie KnowesHyper/ Orbit thrusts us into an analog paradise. Having been a regular to the Craigie Knowes gang since its inception three years ago, it was only a matter of time until The Burrell Connection had his first solo release on the label. Contributing one off tracks via their ‘Annual War Child Fundraising’ compilations, Hay has seen his productions shine through what is one of the most exciting labels on the scene at the moment.

Appearing recently at Red Light Radio Amsterdam, Renate Berlin (Salon Zur Wilden Renate) and Rubadub Glasgow with upcoming gigs in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Berlin, The Burrell Connection is proving why he is an act you can’t miss.

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Hyper/ Orbit is a gentle nod to the trance and hardcore foundations in which Glasgow was born. Dreamy pads, sturdy drum sections, seismic bass and contorted vocals. We take a trip into the producer’s world.

On the A side, funky hats and a sturdy kick drum gravitate us towards an unknown destination on EP opener Hyper 14.255Growling analog synthesis and sharp bursts of breakbeat surround the bold foundations of the track guiding us through parallel spheres with a menacing acid line.

Hyper 480’s ethereal soundscape resonates underneath the wacky breakbeat free from confines providing us with a futuristic take on a classic UK sound. Samples of short euphoric vocals interrupted by alluring breaks to make Dillinja and Alex Reece proud.

The B side continues the guided journey through the galaxies with yet more ambient soundscapes and ecstatic vocals on Orbit 458. A well-timed dub infused sample amongst a locked breakbeat groove allow us freedom to get lost in the track. Main stage Dekmantel vibes.

Hyper/ Orbit comes to an emphatic close with Orbit 512An eternal triplet synth hit reminiscent of early Laurent Garnier keep us entangled in the orbit, bolstering the indecisive underlying synth. Immovable drums together with Hay’s humble analog pad work provide the end to a cracking debut on Craigie Knowes.

Hyper/ Orbit is released today, Monday 20th August both digitally and on wax. Grab it, here.

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