Review: Applescal – Harmony EP

Dutch producer Applescal released his latest EP, ‘Harmony’, recently, via DGTL Records. The Waveform Transmitter’s Paul McGuinness takes a listen to three accomplished techno cuts.

Holland’s Pascal Terstappen, aka Applescal, has just dropped his new three-track EP on DGTL Records. This is release number five off the imprint and continues to carry the baton of quality underground minimal grooves. This is Applescal’s first release in over two years and he’s clearly been storing up his deep emotions and dubby soundscapes (just for us). Having been part of the label since day one, Pascal is obviously championing that minimal techno sound in abundance and anyone who is lucky enough to witness his live shows would attest to this.

We kick things off with Harmony One which sets us off on a bass-ridden, heavy dub path with a delightfully simple vocal sample; a lovely little sonic surprise. The track builds nicely with an energetic feel, bringing with it warm synth stabs and solid snare drums that complement the pads beautifully in the background. Harmony Two which was originally part of an Atomnation sampler but because it tickled that many musical fancies amongst his peers, it has now eventually been released. It playfully dances around an arpeggio which grows and grows, building up to a crescendo, then into a break down. We are then served up some raw textures and synth lines complete with lush pads and percussive bass sounds that swing and groove majestically.

Finally, on the flip Harmony Three (there’s a definite link here I can smell it) also suggests we are coming to a close musically but this time it’s hitting home a little harder, with a pumping bassline and metallic, strong stabs to emphasize the ongoing atmospheric drama. More suspense is brought in, in the form of a rising arpeggio that really brings a new element to the track and concludes proceedings nicely. A real moody dance floor cut.

Applescal Harmony EP was released on June 19th. You can take a listen to Harmony 2 from the EP, below. Make sure you buy a copy of the record and support the artist and label, here for the digital release and here for the vinyl hardcopy.

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