Review: Andu Simion – Heavy Glow E

The Waveform Transmitter’s Dave Coates takes a listen to the latest release on Palinoia Records, courtesy of Andu Simion’s brooding techno EP, ‘Heavy Glow’.

The Waveform Transmitter’s Dave Coates takes a listen to the latest release on Palinoia Records, courtesy of Andu Simion’s brooding techno EP, ‘Heavy Glow’.

One third, and co-founder, of the Lisiere Collectif, hailing from Ploiesti, Romania, Andu Simion releases a fantastic EP full of deep, brooding, stripped-down, tripped-out, techno for those darkest of dance floors.

First up is ‘Heavy Glow’, which starts off with an enshrouding, atmospheric feel that builds and kicks off into a more breaks-like arrangement as a resonating bass consistently drives the track forward. The track possesses a beautiful eerie quality, while never letting go of its driving edge. ‘Heavy Glow’ is a perfect track to ensure a set is aiming towards something more full-on and that little bit darker.

Following on from ‘Heavy Glow’ is the brilliant Accents Above the Plane’, which is a more heads-down, dance floor orientated track, with its flanged out effects, sharp, chunky percussion and bleeped-out sounds. This itself gives that track an augmented, minimal feel, especially after the breakdown as the track builds towards the end.

Next up is ‘Babadook’ which lives up to its cinematic namesake, with a dark atmospheric pad constantly swirling in the background (in much the same way as the demon from the film of the same name). Once it builds towards the break, the hi-hat stands out, with rim shots that set the pace to a more frantic one, along with a warped Rhode’s sample swirling alongside the pads to give a the track a pervasive feel.

Last, but by no means least, is Gen Y All’. The EP closer has more of deep house sentiment compared to the other tracks, yet still maintains a techno sensibility. It is reminiscent of some of the deeper material featured on Tom Middleton‘s Global Communications project from a good few years back…which is hell of a good thing.

The track builds itself up, with its sharp 909 percussion, resonating bass, and consistent looped vocal, layered in a silky reverberated effect. ‘Gen Y All’ drops down with just the vocal playing on the break, then things kick of again with its driving, grooving percussion – especially when the clap kicks in and the bass opens up.

All in all this is another brilliant release on what is becoming one of my favourite labels, Eric Cloutier‘s Palinoia. Andu Simion has created a masterpiece in terms of tripped-out, minimal, techno, with his ‘Heavy Glow EP’. Definitely a must have for those who crave that deep, minimal sound.

Andu Simion – ‘Heavy Glow’ is available to buy now at all good vinyl stockists. In the meantime, you can check out a sample of each track, below.

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