Review: Man Power – Apologue EP

The brilliant Man Power follows up ‘Tropical Bastard’ his latest acid-drenched EP via DGTL Records recently. The Waveform Transmitter‘s Léa Ben Saïd gets to grips with ‘Apologue’.

Until 2017, DGTL was a renowned festival based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, eventually expanding to Barcelona once the popularity of the festival was realised. Among electronic music festivals, it is recognized for its A-star line up, is flawless production, and its sustainable ethos, which allowed them to carve their own style and sound.

As part of their pillar DGTL Revolution, and alongside their commitment to expand their efforts in sustainability, they have decided to launch their own imprint; DGTL Records. With this label, they aim to support the local scene and talent of Amsterdam, as opposed to the global reach of their festivals. In one year, DGTL Records dropped two releases, including productions by Kink and Fort Romeau.

Man Power is kicking off 2018 with the third release on the label. After playing DGTL Barcelona in 2017, and scheduled to play DGTL Amsterdam in 2018, the Mexico-based Englishman is no stranger to the brand. Strong from an explosive year in 2017 with releases on labels such as Optimo TraxHivern Discs, and ESP InstituteMan Power is starting 2018 right and is back with yet another timeless and sophisticated release.

The A-side features two firm, acid influenced tracks. The first of those is ‘The Duelist’, an emotive house number with an almost futuristic italo feel, accompanied by uplifting piano melodies, synths, and a range of distorted percussions laid out over an acid bassline. As the floaty organ-like sounds and the piano keys take us on a trip, he finishes off by mixing once more acid, keys and percussive crashes, sending us to another dimension for good.

‘El Mago del Tiempo’ is fast-paced and stomping, making it the perfect successor to ‘The Duelist’. A carefully mapped synth pattern combined with claps all around and heavy drums catch our attention, as the track evolves across multiple dimensions, letting all sounds become their own entity during a long build up while working extremely well together. Halfway through, the synth pads come out and the track breaks into a raw and fierce rhythm, which would undoubtedly tear any dance floor in half.

Finally, the closing track on the flip side, ‘Put Your Hands on the Car (And Get Ready To Die)’ presents hints of Balearic Pop and EBM. An oscillating synth bassline tremors through, as the claps return and complement the catchy atmospheric melody, producing a warm and analog track which rounds up this EP perfectly.

Man Power ‘Apologue’ is already available in all good record stores, and you can stream ‘The Duelist’, below.

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