On the Radar: Synapse – Scientism EP

Synapse have just released their latest EP, Scientism, on Serotonin Records. The Waveform Transmitter’s Andy Weights is hypnotised by four electro-heavy, cybernetic tracks. 

Synapse have just released their latest EP, Scientism, on Serotonin Records. The Waveform Transmitter’s Andy Weights is hypnotised by four electro-heavy, cybernetic tracks. 

Ever had the feeling that somebody’s watching you? That coincidences are a bit too coincidental to be chance, that feeling when a work of art echoes your thoughts, and like all good art puts it in an articulate, thoughtful pattern. Today, I found Synapse with their Scientism EP and after listening to it the world seemed to both confuse me greater and make a bit more sense at the same time.

The EP is a summary of the last 20 years of regress in modern culture. The breaking down of democratic values, facts and discorded trends that create a schism within the fabric of society, allowing the few to exert control over the many. Synapse have wrapped all this up in an electronic New York city funk sound that bends and computes what could be described as a modern view of the state of things, but in all actuality, it was produced over a decade ago.

The Scientism EP is four tracks of pure, electronic, old-school meets new academy sounds that reverberate with the blood of prophets. Glitched out and disjointed synths crash onto the shores of filtered sounds and rollicking sections of mechanised noise, devised by human spirit and delivered by robot couriers.

You can listen day and night but must choose left or right. Vocal samples like “divide and conquer” bring us into the Synapse world with the track Schismism. Arpeggiated, data-synth sounds calculate as a space reverb effected beats keep the time within this universe. Breakdowns drop and bring us back into old school bass sections, that are so well filtered it is pure dirt! Until the dream, bell-like melody takes it to new heights and leaves us listeners wanting more (I found myself playing this on repeat, until smoke came out my ears).

Using some old fashioned human intelligence to compose the next suspense filled blast, Synapse Facts. A slight reworking of track one shows the darker, more melliferous side in audibly describing the price of corporate truths, that are indeed not facts but ideal creations to be bought and sold.

Third track in line, Stealing Science describes how the system is set to further the agendas of our overlords. A gritty snare line with bendy, portamento, synth blasts shoot like wonky laser beams as the combination of detuned synths and spooky low notes juxtapose with rolling cymbals and deft snare work. The vision portrayed is a very profitable journey as our economy becomes more dependent on automation and artificial intelligence. Imagine robots and droids buzzing about doing backflips and making decisions for us.

The fourth instalment is Pluralism which filters in with melodic sweeps that lament regrets on the demise of our open and democratic society from the perspective of the frog left in the stove top pot of now boiling water. Plenty to be heard and admired in this slightly dub laden number, the arpeggiated synths dance and filter up and down, the key changes are bold and besides the sometimes-messy nature of the frequency crossovers this track carries itself well.

Released on the 20th November by Serotonin Records, Synapse Scientism EP is on the dark side with glimpses of light, it’s on the lighter side of darkness, it’s on the fun side of funk. Available as Complete (Vinyl) or Clone (Digital).

Use their science to further your funkier agenda.

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