On the Radar: Meeting by Chance – Lines EP

Meeting by Chance dropped his latest EP, Lines, on Apollo, recently. The Waveform Transmitter’s Daniel Crossey takes in the immersive sounds of the Polish producer.

Meeting by Chance dropped his latest EP, Lines, on Apollo, recently. The Waveform Transmitter’s Daniel Crossey takes in the immersive sounds of the Polish producer.

We are excited to envelop ourselves into the rich electro acoustic experience of Meeting by Chance. The solo project of music producer and sound engineer Mr Marcin Cichy of Skalpel; one of the most important nu-jazz outfits to come out of Poland.  Marcin is also visual and digital artist, combining these strands to enhance his electric live performances. He has performed with several renowned composers along with artists such as Clark and Mira Calix.

Lines is a five track EP that was released on the 8th of September. It is an elegant creation that combines jazz and ambience, with a moody undercurrent. Tension is explored and played with using strings that linger throughout the trip. A tense journey with moments of flare and colour.

It is in a similar dimension to Elaenia by Floating Points, but with a bold Super Silent side of experimentation, containing fragmented and unusual timings that slowly harmonise together. It is the sign of a talented composer to be able to make this style and direction work.

To begin we have the melancholic and powerful Wait for Me. It provides a dreamy and ambient introduction to the EP with soothing synths and atmospheric sounds of nature. We turn sideways with the addition of syncopated drums with a free jazz rhythm akin to Yussef Kamaal’s Black Focus. The percussion along with the warm double bass give the track an acoustic and raw tone.

Next, we have the daring and experimental track, Lines. A combination of unusual time signatures, that blends arrhythmic beats with harmony. Various layers of string instruments surround this track, some rudely interrupting with sudden screeches, giving a pensive atmosphere. A disjointed jigsaw puzzle that slowly pieces itself together.

Snail is a darker build, with echoed voices and a delayed guitar that has the hypnotic and waved quality of a Connan Mockasin number. A slower pace with a straightforward shuffle beat. The feel becomes sensual as the monotonous bass transforms into a funky rhythm. Operatic voices sing in the background giving an almost religious like contrast to the soulful ambience.

Almost Here takes us from a reflective start into a more colourful middle section with the addition of animated layers of percussion and a sporadic double bass. Hisses, shuffles and shakes texturize the soundscape. The tense presence continues to follow us with menacing strings and horns.

To finish we have Prism, a similar adventure with a moody intro and a jazzy experimental exploration for the middle section. Snare rudiments and chords rise and fall throughout, with all-encompassing symbols crashing to break the wave. A visceral heart beats in the background with TV static frequencies. We end with bells and chimes along with a faint voice breaking through the TV distortion discussing “extra-terrestrial transmissions and frequencies…….”

Meeting by Chance – Lines is available to buy, now, from all good digital retailers.

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