Live Transmission: Horace Andy, District, Liverpool

© John W. King

As Positive Vibrations welcomed reggae legend Horace Andy to District, the Waveform Transmitter’s Andy Weights was present to soak up the rays from the little island in the sun.

On Saturday 1st September, funky District audience were treated to a special show by “the sweetest voice in Jamaica”, Horace Andy.  Arguably one of the most influential and respected artists to come out of Jamaica, the legendary singer, songwriter and long-term collaborator of Massive Attack learnt his trade alongside some of reggae’s finest producers, including Coxsone Dodd, Scientist and Sly & Robbie. Joined on stage by the mighty, Mafia & Fluxy ft Matic Horns.

Introduced on stage by Levi Tafari and opening with the famous rendition of Ain’t No Sunshine the excited Liverpool crowd burst into movement and the moment Horace Andy took to the stage we all knew the night was going to be a belter, using his microphone like a personal conveyor belt, shipping positive vibrations straight to our souls, Andy took us on journey through his back catalogue of songs such as Money Money, Spying Glass and Cuss Cuss.

As the sweat began to roll down the spines of the dancing onlookers, Andy hit top gear, creating a real sense of enjoyment and really connecting with moments of humour and enthusiasm that for a 66yr old, defies convention. As Government Man rang out the energy never stopped…Mafia & Fluxy were tight!

With the whole band enjoying and feeding off the foot tapping, head swaying mass that was in front of them. Matic Horns ruled the trombone roost as his sharp, well placed stabs and melodious lines soared around the colourful venue like a tropical bird of paradise. As the evening ended, a united audience clapped, whistled and praised the attendance to our fair city, of one of reggae’s greats.

© John W. King

Positive Vibration DJs – Marley & Vegas saw us out keeping up the dancehall vibes ‘till late in the yard with the weekend stored in the memory banks for eternity.

The night was part of the Positive Vibration festival, which has also seen one of reggae’s greatest and most unique performers come to Liverpool in the form of Big Youth, accompanied by the UK’s finest roots reggae backing band, The Upper Cut Band. These standalone gigs are a great way to spread the word further, create a real buzz about what the boys at Positive Vibration are doing and helping to create a real, communal and social sense of being. We urge you to get involved!

If this sounds up your street, then join in the positive vibes when reggae queen Dawn Penn arrives on the 2nd November at District. Tickets are on sale here.

The Positive Vibration crew are really starting something special in Liverpool, with Reggae socials and gigs like these proving to be the way forward, these gatherings are drawing a fantastic response from the music lovers of Liverpool and further afield.

Head over to their website for more details on how to get involved, or to purchase early bird tickets for Positive Vibrations 2018 <–follow that link.

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