First Transmission: Technics Announces New SP10 Turntable

The Technics SP10 turntable has been announced this week, and The Waveform Transmitter’s Andy Weights has the latest on what promises to be a tasty piece of kit.

Allow The Waveform Transmitter to drop the needle on a new version of the legendary Panasonic made Technics SP10 turntable, due to be released Summer 2018.

The price is yet to be set, but a word to the wise, it won’t be cheap. Aimed at the serious audiophiles with cash to splash, you won’t see the new SP10 used by DJs and will no doubt need an invitation to check one out in person.

Complete with heavy 7KG platter made of brass, aluminium, and rubber, the re-released SP10 is being called the “most premium turntable to date”.

Unveiled on Wednesday at Berlin‘s IFA or Internationale Funkausstellung, which began in 1924 and is one of Germany’s oldest industrial events. Today, it is one of world’s leading trade shows for consumer electronics and home appliances.

Originally launched in 1970, the Technics SP10 was the first direct drive turntable, following its iconic sequels, the Mk 2, released in 1975, and the sought-after Mk 3, released in 1981.

Since then turntablists have focussed their attention on the likes of the 1971 released SL-1100, which was heavily used within the early Hip-Hop years by the likes of DJ Kool Herc.

We are seeing a whole host of companies connected to the Electronic music scene re-inventing old vintage equipment, such as Roland, Moog and now Technics are getting into the groove.

The combination of these classic tools means that teaming up with the instruments of the past is allowing the future to sound better, fatter, wider and sharper. So far it is only a prototype but the future looks good as this follows on from the recently updated Technics 1210 and we all know the importance of that spin-tastic, utterly fantastic, bit of kit.

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