On the Radar: Secluded – Do it Right EP

Sleaze head man Hans Bouffmyhre appears under his Secluded guise with the ‘Do it Right’ EP. The Waveform Transmitter’s Jack Threlfall takes a listen to four frenetic techno workings.

secluded techno

Sleaze head man Hans Bouffmyhre appears under his Secluded guise with the ‘Do it Right’ EP. The Waveform Transmitter’s Jack Threlfall takes a listen to four frenetic techno workings.

Functional opens the EP with a breakneck melding of early 2000s groove and contemporary attitude. Excitable piano stabs jolt and jitter to a bedrock of uncompromising bass, and begin to whip up a playful ferocity. The track struts forward with Incisive closed hi-hits, punctuating the ensuing maelstrom.

Heavily warped horn samples imbue a distinctly modern aesthetic to the soundscape, but ultimately tip their cap, along with the lead piano, to a nostalgic era of techno. Functional is effective at whipping the listener into a frenzy of fist-pumping delight, as it captures such a distinct combination of modern and classical electronic ideas; imagine Kevin Saunderson and Ben Klock had birthed an unlikely love child, and then you’re someway to picturing the sound of this track.

Who better then to adopt the track and fashion his own interpretation than DJ Rolando. The techno legend is so entrenched in the mythology of the genre that his influence is printed all over Secluded’s Do it Right EP. Rolando’s interpretation of Functional largely utilises the same elements of the original, without much obvious alteration to the core sound, however this remix takes on a decidedly slower trajectory, and concerns itself with a more evolving structure. The horn samples feel more refined, the bass adopts a bubbling characteristic and the surrounding samples echo and delay to create a moody re-imagining.

The title track Do it Right enlists an undulating low end that forms a tight peaks and troughs between the kick and bassline. Once again the theme of nostalgia washes over the track as layered organ samples bleed into the arrangement. The core notation of the lead organ marches forward, seeming to collect varying stabbing elements and chopped vocals samples. The alchemy of mania inducing sounds rises and falls with the bass, whilst elements ritually drop in and out of the soundscape, almost politely allowing each individual element it’s time at the forefront.

Xpansul’s remix of Do it Right is a beguiling and wholly unexpected track. Secluded has evidenced a impressive ability to concoct a sound that treads the boundaries of classic and contemporary techno, but what is more impressive is the selection of remixers – their ability to identify the themes being explored on the EP and produce cuts that expand the vision of Hans Bouffmyhre.

This remix somehow manages to splice an undeniably aggressive kick and bass with deep house sensibilities. Instead of sharp stabs announcing themselves over the low end, syrupy string samples and viscous house chords marinade and meditate. Nods towards the original appear intermittently in the form of vocal samples and structure, but apart from that this is an incredibly diverse and forward thinking remix that really encapsulates the vision of the EP.

Secluded‘s Do It Right is available now from all good digital retailers.

Author: Jack Threlfall

A loquacious disciple of electronic music and the written word.

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