Waveform Mix Series 020: Liadnova

This week’s Waveform Mix comes from Belarus born DJ and producer, Liadnova.

liadnova techno

This week’s Waveform Mix comes from Belarus born DJ and producer, Liadnova. The Waveform Transmitter’s Ste Knight talks to the young artist about the party scene in Grodno, female producers, and her inspirations.

It seems to be a constant, that SoundCloud, for all its irritating misgivings, very often drops something in your lap that makes you pay some real attention. One such time was recently when, during an intense SoundCloud pillaging session, we happened upon one Liadnova.

Anastasia Liadnova hails from Belarus, now a republic which is part of the former Soviet Union. We spotted her profile on the streaming service and decided to check her out. Despite only having one mix on her stream, we took a listen and could tell from the off that this girl has talent.

We can see the future is bright from this accomplished DJ. Her apparent knowledge of the underground scene sets her apart from many of her peers who seem to fall into the Axwell honey trap and start listening to the abomination that is now classified as EDM. Liadnova draws influence from across the electronic spectrum, from techno, to electro, and industrial. This girl definitely has her finger on the pulse of the underground scene.

Expertly bringing together a number of different genres within her set (including a little bit of EBM!) it was kind of a no-brainer that we ask the promising young DJ to come on board with us and produce a Waveform Mix for our series. So, without further ado, we turned up on her digital doorstep and politely requested she get involved.

Fortunately for us she agreed and has put together a fantastic mix, and the 20th in our Waveform Mix Series. Check it out below, but first, lets see what the young Liadnova had to say for herself when she spoke to our Ste Knight.


Waveform: Hi Nastasia. Thank you for joining us for an interview! At 20, you’re quite a young artist. Tell us, how did you start DJing?

Liadnova: Hello, thank you for the offer, it is always interesting for me to participate in various projects.
I started my musical life in parties where I was only a listener, but I heard quite different rhythms in my music player. Once I met Igor Salat from the project Beautiful Vision, who taught me the technique of playing on vinyl. For me it became a big push and I started to develop in this direction.
Now work with music has begun to occupy most of my time, and I not only collect, but also produce my own records.

Waveform: You’re from Belarus. How is the party scene there? Is there a healthy clubbing scene in and around your home town, Grodno?

Liadnova: Due to the fact that the city is small we do not have many talented promoters. There are enough parties, but not all of them are held at a decent level. There are two successful projects in the city; Beautiful Vision and Ab’ekt – each of which launches its own series of interesting parties.

Waveform: Do you have any established artists who inspire you?

Liadnova: Of course! I love to watch performances of Nina Kraviz, who is gorgeous as a girl and as a DJ she inspires me, but as a musician I am inspired by Cosmin TRG and many others.

Waveform: You’ve produced a very accomplished Waveform mix for us, which is primarily techno-based. How do you describe your sound? Do you DJ in other styles also?

Liadnova: I love techno, but I do not like to set frames for myself, so often in my performances you can hear bass, and electro, and even ambient. Every time I try to surprise myself and so I’m constantly looking for a new sound.

Waveform: Eastern Europe has been producing some excellent female DJs in recent years. You only have to look at the likes of Nina Kraviz, Nastia, and Matuss to see this is true. Do you see this trend continuing? Do you hope to break into the underground techno scene?

Liadnova: I like that there are so many talented girls now, and I would be happy to stand with them in one row.

Waveform: Do you produce? If so, do you have any releases planned?

Liadnova: Yes, now I’m working on a debut record in the techno style, but I have not decided with which label I will cooperate yet.

Waveform: Thanks again for chatting with us, Nastasia!

Liadnova: Thank you, I was interested to talk and record a podcast for you. Pleasant listening!

So there we have it, from an artist with all the potential to be Eastern Europe’s next big export. Here’s hoping we hear more from Liadnova, soon. In the meantime, check out her awesome Waveform Mix. Don’t forget to check out our SoundCloud page for more! (Tracklist below stream).

01.FoldBend Sinister 02.Jasper WolffFloat 03.He aTIt’s Impossible To Describe The Smell Of A Wet Dog 04.Damien SchneiderCicada 05.LiteronFreak Funktion 06.KessellQuantum Fluctuations 07.Cosmin TRGMotoric 08.Andrés ZaccoShapes 09.Radio SlaveVision (Marcel Dettmann Remix) 10.Sector YSentient 11.Zenker BrothersHaras 12.SepalcureLoosen Up (Edward Remix)

Author: Ste Knight

Editor at The Waveform Transmitter. Lover of acid basslines, cavernous kick drums, and dark rooms. Cut his teeth to Surgeon's blistering techno assault at T-Funkshun in Liverpool and hasn't stopped for breath since.

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