On the Radar: Doc Daneeka – Walk.man Vol 2

Doc Daneeka follows up his successful first Walk.Man Vol.1 with a double A-side, Vol.2, featuring house legend Robert Owens.

Doc Daneeka House Techno

Doc Daneeka follows up his successful first Walk.Man Vol.1 with a double A-side, Vol.2, featuring house legend Robert Owens. The Waveform Transmitter’s Andy Weights has hit heart strings tugged upon.

Straight from the sweaty basements of Paris comes Doc Daneeka, with his new release, Walk.Man Vol2. Featuring the all-time don Robert Owens. Following on from the success of the summer soul-burner Walk.Man Vol 1, we see the collaborative forces create a double A side with two belting tracks that would suit both the dancefloor and the chill-out couch.

Both tracks lament a voice of love, about finding it and losing it, the pair create a whirlwind romance within two house tracks that have substance, and, an air of fragility about them.

This is one for the lovers!

The first track, LUV UNLTD jumps straight into the house swing, with a shuffling, hi-hat driven beat, that gets you to your feet immediately. Beneath the beat an oscillating synth is opened and closed, then, a low Robert Owens voice finds love and shares the emotion, behind the words, a euphoric stab rings with a fizz.

After a dramatic turn of the filter knob comes a praise of words that express just what the feeling of love does to a man’s senses. Tasty percussion breaks into the fold and as the track swells, it shows off all its colours at once, combining brassy stabs, fluttering snare and cymbals with swirling, electric mist-inducing effects. The moisture from a crashing wave of emotion gets our hair wet, we look around and wonder is it real or is it just sweat?

AA side track is named Another Time pt2 and breaks in with another slice of 90s house-infused sounds straight off the bat, the percussive patter of a joyous beat mixed with a gentle tugging at the shoulders synth-line, Owens‘ voice low and reminiscent transports the listener to his “sweet memories”. As we drift away on the hypnotic beats, deep long pads sweep us along the waves of the freqen-seas.

Spoken word sections fall in-between sung musings of lost love and grief, while all the time the beat and synth keeps us in comfortable, constant company, upbeat and celebrating the curse of love. The synth builds in presence as the stabs get harder. Shakers rattle the rooftops, in coherence with the hi-hats that keep a constant scratch rhythm, before you know it, it’s over and all we’re left with is the sweet memories.

A real treat for the ears and nourishing for the soul, this one is for the lovers and everybody who knows what the sting in the tail of love feels like.

Released by Ten Thousand Yen on the 7th September. Doc Daneeka Walk.Man Vol2 (feat Robert Owens) is available as 12” vinyl, MP3, and WAV. The WALK.MAN mixtape will be released in full on Cassette and Digital at the end of the Summer.

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