Waveform Mix Series 019: Casio Royale

The 19th edition of our Waveform Mix Series comes from Liverpool techno paragon, Mr Mark Forshaw AKA Casio Royale.

Casio Royale Techno

After a week off, The Waveform Transmitter’s Ste Knight returns presenting an all-out techno powerhouse mix from none other than scouse sonic stalwart, Casio Royale.

Anyone who has been on the techno scene in Liverpool at literally any point over the past 20 years will know exactly who Mark Forshaw is. He has been a huge part of Liverpool’s clubbing landscape since the late nineties, when he cut his DJing teeth at Mentalist back in 1997, having been a big fan of the techno sound emanating from the speakers in the likes of Voodoo.

Flash forward a couple of years and Mark teams up with brother-in-arms, Scott McGill to launch the legendary TFunkshun night, at which our editor Ste Knight first fell in love with techno, taking an auditory pummelling from none other than Birmingham legend, Surgeon. After TFunkshunForshaw and McGill went on to host their own room at Voodoo, which at this time was held at the infamous Le Bateau nightclub. The rest, as they say, is history. Or at least for that period in the Liverpool clubland timeline, it is.

Mark, however, didn’t stop with the demise of Voodoo. He had plenty to be getting on with, and recent years have seen him partnering up with John Heckle and Binny for live/DJ hybrid concept, Phantom Planet Outlaws.  In parallel to PPOMark also runs his own solo project, Casio Royale, and it is under this moniker that he has kindly offered us a contribution to our Waveform Mix series.

The latest release to come out of the Casio Royale stable is his latest Chicago acid house scorcher, The Beat Will Control, which is available now from all good stockists, grab a copy here. The four-tracker is loaded with classic Casio Royale acid squiggles and squeeks, all the time maintaining sumptious IDM sensibilities and keeping the dancefloor well on its toes.

The Beat Will Control is a straight-up acid bounder, which kicks off with understated percussion and some idiosyncratic acid blips. These tease in some classic claps while that all-important sounds from the little silver box start to squirm around the sonic terrain like a caterpillar on E. This gives way to archetypal Chicago vocal snippets which see the track out to the end as the acid synth lines start to scream their way into the mix.

Work That brings a nicely syncopated acid line into the fray, as frenetic cymbals crash away under the mix. There are certainly elements of Baltimore Bass running through these tracks, as a familiar “Work That” vocal pops into the track, which Forshaw applies effects to, stuttering and glitching the sample as the rest of the track swings away nicely.

The first track on the flip, J4M15, kicks off with a rumbling acid bassline which segues in a high-pitched squealer of a synth, which for some reason reminds this writer of the sound made when you pinch the end of a balloon and let the air out. Trippy! Further Baltimore style vocals are tuned in as a shrill whistle takes over the mix. This is perhaps the most wonderfully discombobulating track on the EP. The track could almost be likened to some of the more acid influenced footwork tracks produced by the likes of Addison Groove. Great stuff.

We close out with Organa, which is an altogether more chilled affair, drawing influence from the more Cybotronic electro side of the acid sound. This is potentially the lushest of the four tracks. All in all this is a very strong release from Mark and demonstrates exactly why the record is garnering widespread attention, including from none other than the Black Madonna, who played a track from the EP during a recent set.

So, we’ve introduced you to Mark‘s Casio Royale alias. But what of his Waveform Mix?!! Well, here it is in all of it’s glory. Get on it now (tracklist below stream). As ever, give us a follow on SoundCloud and/or MixCloud for more mixes and to hear our weekly picks for the Heavy Rotators playlist.

Lil LouisBlack Out (DJ 3000 Remix)

Josh WinkShoelaces (Truncate Remix)

The Dirty CriminalsJak Da Box

Dax JBlack Pegasus

Stanislav TolkachevProof

Planetary Assault SystemsMod / DBXLosing Control

Shlomi AberParadox

EnvoyDark Manoeuvres (Dax J Remix)


CZRDeep Into the Track (Dub Mix)


0Morodem (Substance remix)



Stanislav TolkachevNo matter what they’ve told you


Cold DustNervehammer (Michael Forshaw Remix)

Ascion New Old Music

The Dirty CriminalsRevenge 303

Bantam LionsUp To You

Federico LeocataZunachst (feat. Beta Evers)

Author: Ste Knight

Editor at The Waveform Transmitter. Lover of acid basslines, cavernous kick drums, and dark rooms. Cut his teeth to Surgeon's blistering techno assault at T-Funkshun in Liverpool and hasn't stopped for breath since.

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