On the Radar: Jan Driver – Ramses EP

Jan Driver drops his ‘Ramses’ EP on Arms and Legs in April. The Waveform Transmitter’s Jack Threlfall checks it out.

Jan Driver’s EP, Ramses, is a highly effective and forward thinking house record that benefits greatly from the wide ranging experience the German producer has accrued over his many years on the scene.

Hoelzl is an excitable opening flurry of electronic trumpets that quickly mutate into a frenzied ensemble of slick and refined 2 step grooves. The highly addictive electronic samples that drive the track gyrate and shudder as the leftfield funk influence is beckoned from the soul of the track.

This postmodern jive theme is one that is refreshing and incredibly danceable; Jan Driver can always be relied upon to create nostalgic yet wholly unique pieces of electronic music.

The second track, Ramses, begins by conjuring delicate electronic xylophone patterns that float above a choppy almost break beat kick and lead arrangement. The track evolves with a highly original burst of trumpets that continue the postmodern funk feel.

Driver begins to layer 80s electronic slap bass licks seemingly at random and ramps the ensemble into a crescendo. The feverish bass and trumpet samples relax and the friendly xylophone notes gain control to give the listener a momentary respite from the unrelenting groove. Suddenly, the brass and bass combo burst back into the pallet and force the listener to skip their feet to the incessant swing.

The EP continues with Uhh Ahhh Wow Ok and takes a decidedly worldly influence and creates a track that defies genre labels. A infectious and intelligent track that manages to blend house music sensibilities with brass instruments samples and yet somehow manage to concoct a track that sounds almost middle eastern.

The fourth and final track, Zwickl, further demonstrates Driver’s impressive ear for all out jazz rhythms and adventurous arrangements. This choppy and heavily sampled track experiments with short notes and skipping kick drums to interest the listener. This song and the entire EP manages to deliver a sound of fully realised and original post-modern house.

Jan Driver‘s Ramses EP is available to buy on 28th April, 2017, and is released via Arms and Legs Records.

Author: Jack Threlfall

A loquacious disciple of electronic music and the written word.

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