On the Radar: Lauren Lo Sung – Tresor EP

Liverpool producer Lauren Lo Sung released her latest EP, ‘Tresor’, this month. The Waveform Transmitter’s Jack Threlfall takes a listen.

The debut EP, Tresor, from the northern tech house darling, Lauren Lo Sung, weighs in with four tracks of brooding basslines and spacey jams.

The title track Tresor begins with a ruminating kick and lashes of sharp percussion, quickly a modulated bassline joins the ensemble and it swaggers nonchalantly forward.  Measured synth wobbles tease themselves into the arena, whilst billowing LFOs bind themselves to electronic samples in the background and create decorative space age ripples. The metallic hypnosis of the lead echos throughout and maintains a metronome rhythm.

S.A.B follows with a skipping hi-hat trot that dances over a burrowing house bassline. Circular waves of spacey pad sounds oscillate in the background and instil a lazy hypnosis within the listener; the punchy kick rolls onward and drags the drowsy grooves along for the ride. The synths and bassline are wreathed with samples of inaudible and silky female vocals and they echo over the arrangements and fade graciously before the song comes to a close.

Mariana continues in S.A.B’s vain with a hypnotic trip through a blissfully synthesised cycle of harps and strings. Highly delayed percussive elements shower the dream like aural space and collide with intricately with the sparse bassline. This track is Lo Sung showing off her dreamy and oddly robust production side; the side that is maturing nicely alongside her burgeoning club reputation.

This final cut on the EP is the DJ Steaw remix of S.A.B which turns the ponderous original into a hearty and succinct tech house groover. The remix beefs up the kick and pronounces the bassline with stomping effect. This is bouncy hypnotic tech house that calls heavily on well-orchestrated digital bleeps and tightly controlled LFOs that force the sounds to evolve and show real progression.

Tresor, released via House Puff, is available to buy now from all good vinyl stockists.

Author: Jack Threlfall

A loquacious disciple of electronic music and the written word.

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