On the Radar: Mystic Letter K – Soul Storm

April sees Mystic Letter K ready himself for his latest release under this moniker. The Waveform Transmitter’s Jack Threlfall enjoys an all-out electro assault.

Mystic Letter K is the less known moniker of techno don Cari Lekebusch and this release, Soul Storm, is the first release of four vinyl only EPs, with the following three: Pathfinder, Occulimus and Self Activation to follow later in 2017. This particular release is one that sees Lekebusch experiment with dark, moody and meditative electro sounds.

The A-side Soul Storm is a contemplative excursion into futurist electro dread. The side-winding bassline throbs ruthlessly beneath eerie trickles of piano synths, whilst hissing hi hats and snare patterns slice the claustrophobic atmosphere of the track. The chilling nature of the electronic sounds on display here conjures a trippy and disorientating dystopian soundscape that serves a tangible darkness to the listener.

Whilst the Chalice of Alice initiates with a ponderous bassline slowly calling forth the measured accompaniment of off-beat tom drums and measured hi hat lines that draw the inflection of reverb ridden snare hits. Flashes of muted toy organ samples shimmer behind the percussive drive of the track and allow the drifting electronic ambience lurking in the background to swirl and evolve with mesmerising grace.

Soul Storm is due for general release on the MLK imprint, in the latter half of April, from all good vinyl retailers. In the meantime, check out this two-hour H-Productions megamix from Lekebusch.

Author: Jack Threlfall

A loquacious disciple of electronic music and the written word.

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