The Waveform Transmitter Heavy Rotators: Vol 10

The Waveform Transmitter’s Rob Draper swoops in with a bumper edition of this week’s Heavy Rotators.

It seems like only last week that Rob Draper dropped the first of his Heavy Rotators playlists for our eager readers to take a listen to. To coin a phrase, however, time flies when you’re having fun, and somehow we’ve suddenly made it to the 10th edition of the playlist series.

To celebrate, we’ve got a triple edition with 21 tracks for you to get in your ears. This week, Heavy Rotators is covering a whole boatload of different styles from house, to techno, to minimal and electro. The playlist features tracks from B. TraitsTin ManAlan FitzpatrickUmwelt, Mongo, SNTSPan-Pot, BoxiaTale of Us & Mind Against, Black Asteroid, Fango, Eelke KleijnStephan Bodzin, Special Request, MuseumLeftfieldTodd TerjeRadio Slave, ME & Her, Johannes Heil, and Logos.

Phewph! Quite the list! As always, the playlist is over in the right hand sidebar if you are on desktop, or down at the bottom if you are on mobile, and we’ve embedded it in the article too, so you can always access it in future on our SoundCloud page.

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