On the Radar: Wolf Kash – Slow Burn EP

Electronic duo Wolf Kash hit the ball straight outta the park with insta-hit Slow Burn. The Waveform Transmitter’s Andy Weights is all over it.

The brotherly brainchild of Jordan and Harry Saward, Wolf Kash blur the genre lines with a mixed bag of gleaming electro sounds and emotive moods.

The duo, working alongside brother Max on vocals only put their creative heads together for the first time in late 2016, the lads have received support from BBC Introducing and appear to be drawing quite a crowd of sonic observers within the electronic music scene.

Lead track on the EP is Slow Burn, an electro-pop conclave of neon-mood and foggy atmosphere, a patchwork style of mesmerising beat and bass tones, ultra-stirring vocal lines conspire with dreamy synths and some nifty delay use, combining to produce a track that really engages on many levels, this track will grow on people as the title suggests.

Wasted Under Berlin Gate is an obscure and haunting track, rammed with de-tuned vocal samples, melting into some good wobbling synth work with a natural percussive heartbeat and a wicked hi-hat part.

Bell Me drops in and continues the EPs feel, an almost hypnotic synth is accompanied by a simple but effective range of beats, the song has a strong vocal melody chant that stirs the emotions.

Why Bother brings the EP to a close and is another pop electro belter, giving us a sincere song full of meaning, surrounded by the texture of interesting swirls of electronic instrumentation and atmosphere all punctuated with a fizzing snare and a big round bass.

Overall the Slow burn EP is an impressive debut showcasing a duo who have gained a grasp of their own Wolf Kash sound, the pop electro scene has been gathering momentum of late and a glittering future could be on the cards for this original group.

Speaking of the record, Jordan said: “Slow Burn was written over Christmas 2016. This track just came together in the studio but it sounded too digital. We really wanted it to feel like a forgotten about record at the back of a vinyl shop. We re-recorded everything through analog gear and ran it through tape. Once we did that the track just came to life. Super visual sound that oozes emotion.”

Wolf Kash debut EP out now.  Have a butchers at the title track, below.

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