On the Radar: Bartellow – Panokorama

Bartellow (image from artist Facebook)

Bartellow drops his debut album, Panokorama, in March. The Waveform Transmitter’s Andy Weights is transported through time as he listens.

Look around the history of the world and you will discover different vibes and rhythms, places and times hum with a unique frequency and flavour of their own. We soak it up and begin to attune, making a better sense of our surroundings the more times we visit.  The debut album Panokorama by Bartellow is a similar experience. Here we are taken on a journey in a cross dimensional time machine.

Bartellow has recently seen action with some creative dancefloor numbers such as Robusto and Drogato with fellow Munich mood makers Marvin & Valentino in the trio Tambien.

Released by ESP Institute, Panokorama is a multi-textured, culture cauldron of instrumentation. Mixing primitive tribal with a retro-futuristic feel to create a soundtrack for cross-dimensional adventure.

Using his jazz schooling, Bartellow creates a stunning line up of compositions that aim to take the listener through illustrious soundscapes and imaginary resonances of alien places.

Panokorama is to be spread across double vinyl bringing tracks that range across the musical universe and stem from Bartellow’s obvious healthy obsession with the synthetic and electric edges, balanced with the earthly rhythmic and natural feel that the tracks explore.

Album opener Sala Sensi is a percussive dancefloor belter with a locomotive feeling. The voyage is about to begin. Grab hold of something, as this track is brimming with swing and swagger.

Clypp is a much darker number which gradually segues on to the last track of side one – W.C.R. Here we witness a space exploration through gongs, claves and filter twists and turns.

Turn the record over and Shufflington introduces us into more glorious rhythms and foot-moving grooves. EX% explores a more experimental future sound with an explosive ending reminding us before it’s time to change the record that this LP is packed with floor-fillers.

Side two opens with the synth-tastic Amnesia with a story of an overgrown, dystopian future being told. Operator in Excelsis holds no relent in tribal bongos and superb synth work.

Saba has a deep earthy beat tainted with a mechanical edge which builds with progression, as the synth orientated Notion descends like an alien planet’s fog. Title track Panokorama is a mellow individual moment in amongst the kindred works.

Bartellow’s personal visualization of the album is “a surreal landscape with a foreign presence centrally embedded, a panorama punctuated by a ko”. Sure, it’s a hybridized world but just like the tracks on the album it feels and sounds like the right kind of expression.

Panokorama is the first solo album by Bartellow, it is both a modern statement and a time machine ready to transport us to other places, expect to hear tracks out and about on the dancefloor of your favourite club.

Bartellow’s Pankorama is due for release on the March 24th (x2Vinyl) and April 7th (Digital) by ESP Institute. You can listen to Sala Sensi, from the album, below. Check it out before it was released 12 years and 3 dimensions ago.

Author: Ste Knight

Editor at The Waveform Transmitter. Lover of acid basslines, cavernous kick drums, and dark rooms. Cut his teeth to Surgeon's blistering techno assault at T-Funkshun in Liverpool and hasn't stopped for breath since.

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