On the Radar: Matt Sawyer – Good Morning

Good Morning cover art
Good Morning cover art

Italian producer Matt Sawyer gets set to drop his latest effort, Good Morning, on Top Town Records. Here’s The Waveform Transmitter’s Andy Weights with the lowdown.

Watch out dancefloors! The Waveform Transmitter have words on an infectious, genre-bending track that’s heading in your direction on February 9th.

Welcome to the electro-disco, tech-tronica orgy that is Good Morning. The artist responsible is Matt Sawyer, who tells us he had the inspiration for the track when he ‘’heard an alarm clock was ringing and sounded distorted, so set out to create something that would give an emotional boost to the listener.”

Matteo Saverio Cacciola is an Italian DJ/producer who records under several monikers, including Mavee or, as in this case, Matt Sawyer. Since 2008, Matt has been playing the clubs of Milan and busies himself producing at Villahangar Records.

The Italian style-breeder takes his influences from the early house scene, with sounds that are a mix of old school and electronica.

Recent release B.O.H. has seen Matt begin to carve a name out for himself with his productions and remixes being well received. He has seen them released on labels such as Top Town Records, E-Lab Records, Area94, and VillaHangar Records.

The track Good Morning harnesses the power of vintage disco and house then surrounds it with electro, tech elements. Almost immediately the Detroit-infused disco beat begins to push and pull the shoulder blades as though they were controlled by Geppetto.

The dancefloor passages sport a quivering bass wobble and vintage synth stabs are totally complimented with layers of filtered blip-joy. The electro strings weave in and out with some quirky vocal samples guiding us through the track.

The middle section brings us to the surface for a modern breath-of-fresh-air and then we dive back down to discover its dark and sparse side that shows off Matt’s joyful use of vintage sounds, before ominously returning to the flamboyant filter use and simple synth melodies that are sure induce movement akin to being on a small boat on choppy waters.

Matt Sawyer’s Good Morning is released on Top Town Records on the February 9th.

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