New Liverpool-based Label, Pale Master, to Launch With First Release in February


Pale Master, Liverpool’s newest electronic music label, is set to launch with 3 EP releases and an event at Drop the Dumbulls. The Waveform Transmitter discovers there is more than just music at the heart of the machine.

Exploring the interactions between the real and the virtual is an interesting concept in of itself but to do so with music, in the way that Pale Master – Liverpool’s new kid on the electronic block – does is both refreshing and exciting in equal measure. The idea of cybernetics – communication and control systems shared by the organic and the mechanical – is explored in great depth by the recordings, which are distributed via cassette.

The label, founded by JC (who also has a release due to drop when the label launches on February 18th), will feature a slew of underground electronic acts that push the boundaries in terms of both experimentation and hardware use.

Among those who will see an EP released on the label on February 18th are UKAEA. UKAEA’s approach to recording the tracks for his first release on the label is an interesting one. All the tracks were recorded as single takes, which promotes a genuine ‘take it as you find it’ ethos. This approach also serves to highlight the notion that the minute a sound is arranged and recorded alongside other sounds, it resides in a state of permanence, and will remain in that state forever more.

UKAEA‘s tracks are largely techno based, and reflect his live hardware sets in their composition, the improvisational aspect retained as a characteristic of his sound.

EP64 will also be included in the release schedule for launch. Again, there is an improvisational theme running through the recordings of the trio, but their sound is far removed from that of UKAEA. If we are to tag a label on their recordings, then both ‘found sound’ and ‘musique concrète’ spring to mind. Their ambient recordings use largely organic sounds to mimic the electronic, as each of them acts as an instrument or piece of equipment that one would commonly find in a studio.

The third release set to drop on launch day comes from JC, with his ‘Heavy_Layers_0.5_’. The release comes in the form of an ambient sound collage – the recordings originally taken from pirated 90’s mixtapes and then distorted into something completely unrecognisable from the original. The cavernous canyons of static sound make for a truly immersive sound experience which the listener is plunged into head-first from the outset.

Pale Master and Cartier for Everyone have joined forces to bring you HomeOfTheBrave (on February 18th at Drop the Dumbulls), a night of techno, ambient, and industrial music, to celebrate the launch of the label and three EPs. The line-up includes UKAEA live (Gun Cleaner / Vacant Fulfilment), AKASA live (Pale Master / TRS), RECSUND live (Quantum Natives), JACQUES vs ISOCORE live (Upitup), JC live (Pale Master / A Giant Fern), BIG EFFIGY live (Cartier 4 Everyone), UM dj (Litmus), and THOM ISOM visuals (Deep Hedonia).


Author: Ste Knight

Editor at The Waveform Transmitter. Lover of acid basslines, cavernous kick drums, and dark rooms. Cut his teeth to Surgeon's blistering techno assault at T-Funkshun in Liverpool and hasn't stopped for breath since.

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